Coping With Anxiety

Coping With Anxiety.


What exactly is Anxiety?

No other word is so constantly passed and popular as the word anxiety. But while it has been circulating around the worlds of youths and even children nowadays, it comes as a colossal surprise how minute people really know of its connotations.

Most individuals will know that they are suffering from a severe case of anxiety but will barely know what to do concerning the issue. Knowledge relating to anxiety usually ends with just being aware of the problem; the solution is barely seen.


How to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety is a feeling of discomfort, such as fear or worry that can be severe or mild. Everybody experiences feelings of anxiety at a point in their life. For instance, you may feel anxious and worried about sitting for an exam or having a job interview or medical test.

During periods like these, to feel anxious can be actually normal. Notwithstanding, some individuals find it difficult to control their worries. The rate at which they feel anxiety is constant and this often affects their everyday lives.

Having anxiety is normal.

Anxiety is an integral part of human life. For example, before applying for a job or addressing a group, you may have felt anxiety. Within a short period, anxiety increases your heart rate and breathing rate, channeling the blood flow to your brain directly to where you need it.

Causes of Anxiety

This instant physical response prepares you to face an impromptu situation. However, you might start to feel nauseous and lightheaded if it gets too intense. A persistent or excessive state of anxiety can have adverse effect on your mental and physical health.


In most cases, the cause of anxiety is not hard to track down; ranging from childhood abuse, financial problems, loss of a loved one, post-traumatic stress, and failure. There are tons of things that could cause anxiety in an individual.

Manage anxiety

It is imperative to point out what the root cause of anxiety really is and its solution. However, most people often focus on the cause of anxiety, and its corresponding effect, but never bother about the solution.

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