Effects of Societal Pressure

How Society Views People with Anxiety?

Anxiety, one of the most prevalent mental health conditions to be existing on the planet, comes with its consequences. The twisting, undescribed tale that you keep living over and over until you learn to make peace with it is not easy to be seen by others. Only you know what challenges you have to face in overcoming it; only you are aware of the endless battles you fight within yourself on a daily basis to quieten the voices inside your head. 

Why Are Knowing Different Views Important?

One thing about it, however, remains constant no matter how different your anxiety is from others – Anxiety is an actual condition, and the symptoms you have for anxiety are acknowledged. By realizing and accepting what you are going through, you are better able to cope with your anxiety. 

After you have accepted what you have deserved attention and care for, you need to do some extra preparations. Preparations to make yourself stronger.

One of the most important things you can do in this regard is to become aware of how some people might view your anxiety. The point is not to discourage people with anxiety but to create a sense of awareness in them and to help them to build a direction to address their condition in a better way.  You need to be aware of people’s views regarding the symptoms you have so you know better how to deal with them. It serves as the first stair towards the climb of healing. 

They May Not Accept Anxiety as a Condition.


You might not be taken seriously by some people when you tell them you have anxiety. It is more common in the Boomer generation or the elderly, who are more unaware of different mental health conditions that exist. They might disregard or belittle what you are going through, thinking that anxiety is not real and it is just an excuse for the people who don’t have the guts to face the realities of life.  Remember that this is not true, and you also need to understand that they are coming from a place of ignorance. By educating them on the matter, one could bring more awareness to them about the matter. 

May Mistake Your Symptoms as a Physical Disorder.

Some people are educated about the existence of anxiety. However, they might not be well aware of the different symptoms associated with it. It is important to know that anxiety may appear different in different individuals. One may shake their legs uncontrollably, and the other might vomit in acute states of anxiety. One may feel extra sleepy, and the other might experience difficulty in sleeping. People may have these symptoms as a result of some physical health condition. However, the one facing anxiety knows that isn’t the case.  Again, with more awareness on the subject, people can be educated about the different symptoms of anxiety. It is also important to put in them the realization that these symptoms cannot be generalized. 

They May Belittle your Reasons for Anxiety.


Some people might be belittling your reasons for having anxiety. They may think that everyone goes through certain conditions, and you alone aren’t going through it. You may hear belittling words like, “Yes but look at the other person who is having it worse than you,” or “It happens with everyone and you need to ignore it for a while.” Statements like these never help and can aggravate anxiety in the person facing it.  The most important approach to deal with this is to educate and help people get more empathetic towards those suffering. By advocating basic human kindness and empathy, we can correct people from giving such statements. 

They May Take you As a “Weak” Person 

People might condescend to an individual facing anxiety. They will say things like “Tough it up” or similar things like “Stay Strong” or “Be a Man.” These words are often triggering for people with anxiety as they might take it in the sense that they are weak or somehow not able to survive in the world. This is again a very wrong perception of people that needs to be fixed.  Going with a kind and empathetic approach is important. Listening to the person having anxiety attentively and seeing the different aspects behind it will help to look into the matter deeply. 

Hope Is Still There! 

Luckily, it is due to an increase in mental health awareness, more communities are getting aware of this subject. They know how to handle these situations and know what to speak and what not to speak.

Different mental health clubs, societies, and other practical implementations to bring education and sensitivity to the people for anxiety are playing an important role in addressing the issue.

Mental health advocates also contribute significantly to the awareness and the more developed sense of empathy and kindness in people regarding anxiety and other mental health conditions.  Mental health conditions like anxiety are becoming a vastly discussed topic around the globe. However, it is important to make this awareness second nature to people. People with a heightened sense of enlightenment about this subject do think twice before saying or doing anything that may degrade people with anxiety. 

For example, they will never choose to say things such as “Tough it up” to individuals with anxiety. They will be in a place of empathy and listen to you with active attention. Instead of giving unsolicited advice, they will try to understand where you are coming from. Which can help you go through the process peacefully. 

Final Word

Anxiety affects millions of people across the globe which calls for bringing more awareness about the topic. Although there are some groups of people who belittle and degrade people with anxiety with their insensitive comments and actions, there is a hope that with more spread of knowledge relating to the mental health condition, people will get more caring and aware about this topic.