Anxiety In Women

Anxiety In Women


Main causes, Symptoms and an overview of the Best Natural Remedies


Anxiety in women is a state of widespread and persistent tension that never abandons those who suffer from it. The anxiety in women, depression, stress, worryingemotional state associated with a condition of alert to something external usually is characterized by an excess of concern, an exaggerated reaction with respect to the real conditions.


Among the symptoms of psychophysical discomfort caused by anxiety, we find manifestations that can invest one stress, symptoms of anxiety, anxiety in womenor more organs simultaneously and give rise to intestinal disorders, tachycardia, extra-systoles, tremors, ear buzzing, feeling of suffocation.

Also, stomach cramps and weakness are other conditions that can accompany anxiety states.


Understanding the underlying causes of a disturbance related to the sphere of the mind is not always simple.

Anxiety can certainly spring from external motivations like a strong stress, but many times there does not seem to be a triggering reason.

In general, however, it is possible to identify three major types of factors that affect people by determining more or less severe anxiety states:
⦁ ntense lifestyles (frenetic pace of work, abuse of psychotropic substances, etc.).
⦁ Hereditary genetic factors.
⦁ More or less natural imbalances of chemicals in the brain (noradrenaline and serotonin).

Natural remedies

Nature always offers some great options to manage problems like anxiety.Today we want to show women that they can do this in an easy and practical way if you focus on what really matters.Let’s see than the best natural remedies to manage anxiety and its overwhelming symptoms.

A Walk In Nature

It is a very well-known method in Japan with the name of Shinrin-yoku, the “forest bath”.

Which is nature, walking, natural remedies, anxiety in womenone of the easiest and most economical methods to stay healthy, reduce stress and anxiety.

It is about having to walk for twenty to thirty minutes in a forest where silence reigns.

Studies have shown that after a simple walk the levels of hormones related to stress were reduced.


In case of emergency, some small bottles with essential oils of neroli, mandarin, and lavender can be kept in thearoma therapy, natural remedies, anxiety in women bag. If necessary, pour a few drops (premixed in vegetable oil) into the inner fold of the wrist.

It deeply inhales the emitted aroma by performing long and deep breaths, until relief.

If you can once at home use an oil diffuser to create a calm and zen atmosphere, a safe place where to chill and let your defenses down.


Yoga is a discipline now recommended by Western doctors in case of anxiety.

Its spread is becoming exponentialyoga, natural remedies, anxiety in women in the temple structures of this malaise, such as offices or schools.

The practice is extremely beneficial for this purpose and the whole repertoire of asanas, breathing techniques, and concentration exercises, wisely combined, helps to loosen the states of tension.


The practice of meditation tends to remove the inner blocks caused by fears, repressed anger, and psychological yoga, anxiety in women, relaxed, stress freecomplexes.

These blocks prevent our soul from manifesting its light in the mind and then making it better in real life.

Plus, meditation allows focusing on the present moment.

Which allows fighting back anxiety. Instead of having a constant fear of what’s next, what’s in the past or what may or not happen.

A Healthier Nutrition

It is also appropriate to correct one’s own habits and to marry a healthy lifestyle and a correct diet.

Avoid, anxiety in women, nutrition, healthy, diettherefore, foods and drinks that could increase insomnia or agitation, like coffee, and alcohol.

Increased, however, the contribution of vitamins B and E, calcium, and magnesium. Also taking care of food is important.

There are drinks that can increase the level of agitation, such as coffee, alcohol, tea or energy drinks.

Savor it with fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and stay away from sugars.

You would feel calmer but most of all you would feel energetic but in a healthier way.


Our everyday life with its crazy schedules and constant demands is not the healthier environment where to grow women, happiness, anxiety, natural remediesand let us bright with our own light.

This is the reason why, embracing a healthier life made up of little healthier gestures, natural remedies, and a mindful approach, would be the answer to women fighting anxiety back and start living out of that dark zone.